100,000 QSO milestone reached

Today, the bar of 100,000 QSOs was overcome, an intermediate goal was reached. On this occasion, work on the air was suspended for a short time and the entire team for the first time during the entire expedition gathered at the table to symbolically mark this event. We also congratulated Ilya R5AF on his baptism of fire. Unfortunately, tomorrow morning he will leave us and return to Moscow.

The on-air mode switches to light mode, but the expedition does not end there. The main task is to solve the issue of low frequency reception and in recent days to focus on work on these bands.

RW8A and R9LR also returned from Togo tonight. As a result of their trip, a suitable QTH was found for the second stage of the 5V7RU expedition and more than 100 QSOs were made via the QO-100 satellite.